This App helps You Keep Track of Your Health and Detect some of the Early Symptoms of COVID-19

  • In Addition to General COVID related Symptoms, this App can Keep Track of your Lung Health by Detecting Changes in your Breathing Sounds – Potentially Identifying Complications Early.
  • The App Does Not Diagnose COVID-19 But Helps You Decide When to Contact a Doctor.
  • The App can Help Countries Manage Quarantine and Self-isolation Processes easily.
  • It Can Also Help Businesses Keep Workplaces Safe Lowering the Risk of Disease Spread.
  • Developed by Medical Doctors as Part of a Research and Development Initiative of the Commonwealth Centre for Digital Health (CWCDH) – A not for profit organization.
SelfShield App
Covid Background
Health Alerts

Personalized Health Alerts

As you undertake self-health checks, the app will generate alerts that will help you take the next step in fighting COVID-19.

Breathing Assessment

Automated Breathing Assessment

By keeping track of your lung health using automated breathing analysis, it would be possible to identify complications due to COVID-19 early.

Health Status

Health Status Tracking

The app creates easy to follow charts that will allow you to track your health status and determine how you have progressed including an assessment of COVID-19 threat.

Health Messages

COVID-19 Stats and Health Messages

Stats shown by the app will keep you updated on COVID-19 pandemic and educate you on how to deal with COVID-19 through health messages.

A Self-Health Check and Alert System for Users

Users will be able to undertake health check-ups specific to COVID-19 beyond just a COVID screening and take action according to the alerts generated.

Centrally Managed Dashboard for Health Services

When the SelfShield System has been implemented, health services will be able to see alerts generated pertaining to each enrolled user and provide them with urgent support.

Data Analytics and Tracking Tools for Preventive Efforts

Manage quarantine/ self isolation programmes efficiently while keeping track of disease spread. In essence, users become part of the Shield protecting the community.

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App Screenshot
App Screenshot
App Screenshot
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Research and Development Team

The CWCDH team working on the SelfShield App consists of a core group of experts representing the fields of medicine, informatics, computer science and management. The team works on the project voluntarily with the aim of giving a digital tool that can support efforts towards fighting the pandemic. With the successful deployment of the SelfShield App, the team is now focused on expanding its capabilities to support patients suffering from various conditions and for care providers who are unable to reach those who are most in need without a delay.


Pandula (MBBS, PhD)

Team Lead

Sahan (MBBS, MSc)

Analytics, AI and Dashboard

Dilshan (MBBS, MSc)

Analytics, AI and Dashboard

Dumindu (BSc)

App Development

Chathura (MBBS, MD)

Respiratory Physician

Vajira (MBBS, PhD)

Project Advisor

Tony (MBA)

Project Advisor
(Analogy Partners)

Our Partners

CWCDH has been working with multiple partners during the process of developing and implementing SelfShield. We would like to invite the scientific community, donor agencies and the industry to take part in this initiative where we strive to develop a platform empowering people.

Download SelfShield

SelfShield app available in both Google Play and App Store.

The links below could be used to download the latest version of the app.

SelfShield App

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the frequently asked questions about the SelfShield App. If you are not able to find answers to your questions in the FAQ, please do not hesitate to send us your query and we will be happy to respond.

Many of the screening tools for COVID are based on subjective disclosures of the user. SelfShield app use both subjective and objective data (e.g. breathing and voice analysis) to determine the health status and particularly the breathing performance. More importantly, the SelfShield can track your health status and indicate to you when things get worse.

No. Your data will not be shared with any third party but will only be used for self-health checking and trend analysis of your own health. Anonymized usage data may be gathered for scientific analysis related to COVID-19 pandemic.

The App is available free of charge and for use without any cost.

Breathing related issues indicate involvement of the lungs, which is the key complication related to COVID-19. Keeping track of lung health therefore would enable early identification of breathing issues and seek treatment without a delay.

No. SelfShield app is not a diagnostic tool but it can be used to keep check of your health and determine when to seek medical assistance depending on the local regulations.

By using the app and performing regular health checks, you will be notified of the threat posed by COVID-19 to your health. You will also be informed of the next steps to be taken enabling you to receive medical care early and take precautions to avoid spreading the disease to others. If you enrol to a national or regional system utilizing SelfShield App, you will also be able to receive medical and other services automatically based on the assessment of your health status by the health authorities.

SelfShield App captures your breathing sounds and voice as well as your own disclosures related to breathing in assessing breathing performance.

Contact Us

SelfShield is a research and development initiative with a well-defined plan. We welcome constructive feedback that can help us develop the platform further and make it available for a larger proportion of the population. Please use the following form to send us your feedback or any questions that you may have about SelfShield App, its implementation and support.


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